Saturday, December 12, 2009

So here we are at the end of week two. Things seem to be getting along. All should be good with the City of Hamilton by Monday and I'll be able to start actually charging real prices! The logo/brand is still on "the slows" as it were but I'm confident that all will be well or well enough by the fourth of January. My overall confidence is buoyed by the fact that people are generally very positive and supportive of what I'm trying to accomplish. Based on the feedback I've received, I will adjust my hours through the winter and I will add more savoury offerings sooner than I'd planned. I think weekday hours will run eight to four or five and nine to five on Saturday. I'll revisit Sundays in the spring as I don't want to not be there for the post ride/run/hike crowd. Anyway, thanks to everyone so far. K

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