Friday, December 18, 2009

Spot the bad pun...Or the week 3 update.

Domestique is about to be transformed from an ugly caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. The chrysalis stage will be the 2 weeks over the holidays. Starting between 3 p.m. Sunday, December 20th and 8 a.m. on Monday the 4th of January. I know I’ve been saying we were going to be open until 3 on Christmas Eve but the electrical situation was a bit of a shock...Figuratively speaking of course. Although I expected a few Mike Holmes moments from what I’d seen before buying the building, I felt I should “make it right” before we got too far along. Although the work should be done Monday, things always take longer than you think. Sigh. All that said, I’ll likely be around the café most days and if I’m there, the espresso machine will be on so I’ll try to accommodate people as best as I can. After 3 weeks I’m very happy with how things are coming along. It seems most people say something along the lines of “Dundas really needs something like this” so I hope that will translate into bums in the seats and coffees in hand! Thanks to everyone so far. K

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